By 2020, up to 100,000 more children in Scotland could be dragged into poverty.

Poverty in Scotland must be dealt with - but Westminster won’t do it.

A yes vote in Scotland would unleash the most dangerous thing of all - hope.

If Scotland becomes independent, it will be despite the efforts of almost the entire UK establishment. It will be because social media has defeated the corporate media. It will be a victory for citizens over the Westminster machine, for shoes over helicopters. It will show that a sufficiently inspiring idea can cut through bribes and blackmail, through threats and fear-mongering. That hope, marginalised at first, can spread across a nation, defying all attempts to suppress it.

—George Monbiot (via majoringindebt)


'It's the Question of the Moment…' by Jef Sinclair

In today’s submission, Glasgow comic artist Jef Sinclair explains why she’ll be voting yes on Thursday. 

"It’s now just a couple of days until Scotland will vote in the Independence Referendum. The tension is palpable and the anxieties of a whole nation are coming to the forefront. 
It’s taken me a while to really express why my vote will be for an independent Scotland, though not as long as the two years I’ve spent researching, assessing my views and coming to my decision. My comics are always quite wordy, but I felt this one really took the biscuit! It’s been amazing to watch the outpouring of creativity and talent that we’ve seen over these last few months and I’ve been inspired by everything I’ve seen. I wanted to make my tiny mark and give my future children something to look back on.
There’s not much left to do now except hope that in the aftermath, we can all pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and work together to build a better country. Whatever the outcome.”

You can read more of Jef’s comics on her tumblr, and follow her on twitter

Jef would also like to thank Neil Slorance for helping out with the editing of this comic :)


I think it’s fantastic that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have all come out to sign this pledge to the people of Scotland. Of course, Clegg also pledged not to increase tuition fees in England. Of course, Cameron told us that he wouldn’t privatise the NHS.

But they did.

A pledge or…

you know what, if we don’t get independence I’ll be really gutted

but this referendum’s brought passion into politics for myself and so many other scots on both sides of this thing (there’s a predicted 80% voting turnout!) and no matter the result nothing can take that away

John Oliver on the  Scottish ‘Better Together’ campaign slogan. 


Icarus: And all the girls say I’m pretty fly—
Daedalus: For a white guy.

Icarus and Daedalus (c. 1869), Frederic Leighton / Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), The Offspring




“Beware of Artists” - Actual poster issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950s, at height of the red scare.

I need this in poster form.